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Health Evo B2B Platform



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What Is The healthEVO B2B Platform?

Whether you are already a certified coach, or aspiring to become one, healthEVO’s B2B platform can help you offer Online Nutrition Coaching regardless of what your credentials are! One of the most prevalent limitations in the coaching industry is the gray area associated with online coaches providing nutrition coaching to their clients, without adequate qualification. Legal repercussions for providing this type of counseling outside of your scope of practice varies state to state, but with healthEVO’s software you are able to safely and legally provide dietitian and physician approved nutrition coaching to your clients… the best part?


You pay nothing, you do nothing but funnel your existing and future clients through the system! Our B2B platform allows you to personally brand (private label) our coaching modules all through your existing website. You can leverage all of our nutritional meal plans, medical solutions, resources, handouts, recipes, online portal, mobile app and so much more while marketing your own brand and website to your clients. 

This is especially useful for expanding your online training clientele. Our web and mobile app platform will allow you to fully automate your online coaching business, there by increasing the number of clients you can take on.

You can also determine your own pricing for your clients. The only stipulation is that your prices can not be set lower than healthEVO’s already low standard pricing, as to not be a direct competitor. We encourage you to set your own premium prices that align with the value of your coaching and services!

Everything here is completely transparent, in fact, your 80% share goes directly to you via your own stripe account which will deposit into your back account within 1-2 business days (you’ll need a stripe account if you do not already have one) You have complete control and access to your site, client profiles, and backend portal!

We will provide you with all the training and resources you need to implement this system into your business 

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