About Us

Your Health Evolved…

At healthEVO, our mission is to make evolving your health as easy as possible. Our customized macro calculator, nutrition & fitness templates, user-friendly app for tracking your meals and exercise all assist in making your health transformation seamless.

At healthEVO, we understand that making your health a priority can prove to be difficult. Between knowing what foods your body will respond best to, planning trips to the grocery, finding time to exercise, and then needing to keep track of all your health efforts, starting a health regimen may seem daunting.This is why we have developed an easy system that you can utilize to meet all of your health needs all in the palm of your hand.


Our customized nutrition plans can cater to a variety of health needs, including a multitude of chronic illnesses and other unique health conditions. All of which are easily accessible through our mobile app that makes staying on track as intuitive as ever. Through our app, you can access your customized nutrition plans & workout guides, generate grocery lists, track your food intake & exercise, update your meal plan to suite your personal dietary preferences, track your weekly progress, and even chat with a live representative if you have any questions.

Our app is compatible with devices such as Apple Watch & Fitbit for easy fitness & exercise tracking. As long as your device is synced with the healthEVO app, the app will automatically keep track of your caloric expenditure for you. The app will also include an exercise library to help assist you with your workouts throughout the duration of your fitness journey with us. Tracking and reaching your fitness goals has never been easier. Let healthEVO evolve your efforts and enrich your overall pursuit of health.